Aquarius Angels

The Aquarius Angels® came first to Annelies Hoornik in 2000. They were introduced by Archangel Michael as the healing Angels. At that time Annelies didn't fully understand yet that these were the Aquarius Angels® and that she was going to work with these Angels.

Aquarius Angels Healing

In 2006 they stepped forward and took over during a healing of severe backache issues for a client. The healing was complete and done within a split second. This gave Annelies an idea of how healing would be once people get more evolved at a spiritual level.

As of 21 December 2102 and the energy shift that took place at that time the world is ready to receive the healing gifts of the Aquarius Angels®. This is when Annelies started teaching the Aquarius Angels® Healing weekends. In two and a half day you can learn how to heal with these amazing and loving Angels.

The time has come that the older techniques in which blockages are removed and something positive is replaced are past, the quicker and lighter way of healing of  the Aquarius Angels® works miracles for everyone that is open to this form of healing.

Find a therapist on our website and heal your life too, or come to one of the AAH workshops.  So you can learn to heal yourself and others with the high frequency angelic energy of the Golden Age.

This is what the Aquarius Angels® say about his new form of healing

Over time many forms of healing and energy therapy have evolved and they all have their own frequencies. This means that all therapies are equal. What makes them work better for one person as compared to another is the frequency that this person is at. When a person is at a frequency that resonates with Reiki than a Reiki healing will be great for that person. However if another person at a frequency equal to the Aquarius Angels® receives a healing at lets say Reiki level, they would only heal partially or slowly. Luckily most people have an inborn radar that attracts them to the right level healing. The Aquarius Angels® Healing resonates with the energies of the new Golden Age that are building up after 21 december 2012 and will be complete around 2024.

Working with the Aquarius Angels® will place you in that energy of this new era today and will help you and the people you help heal and grow spiritually much faster